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Thread: Crested gecko not growing much.

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    Default Crested gecko not growing much.

    Hi i have owned my crested gecko for about 4 months now and he isn't growing much. For the first couple of weeks he wasn't eating much at all because he was still settling in. i feed him pangea watermelon and pengea with insects and he really enjoys them so i might try another flavour. Ive tried to feeding him dusted small crickets multiple times but he wont touch them if i leave them overnight and seems quite scared of them. Over the 4 months he has grown about 2.5 grams but for the first couple of weeks he wasnt eating but it still seems like quite a small amount to grow. This week he is ranging from about 8.6- 8.9 grams. Is there anything you guys can suggest or is he just a slow grower. ATTACH=CONFIG]77581[/ATTACH]Name:  IMG_6286.jpg
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