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Thread: Lighting for e. agricolae

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    Default Lighting for e. agricolae

    I am looking for a UVB/LED light for TBD, my e. agricolae. He is in, and will stay in, an Exo Terra 12x12x18. I am using the ReptiSun T5 terrarium (14" adjustable) hood for my crestie and garg, but those are 18x18x24 tanks, and I don't see that they make one to fit the smaller tank. Any suggestions?

    TBD is somewhat active during the day, and is out in the open and likes being up high on his vines. Does he need UVB more than the cresties and gargs? Or is that optional for him as well? I've been providing a couple of hours a day of UVB for all of them, but don't want that to be the only light I use for TBD.
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