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    Default Baby gecko enclosure

    I am new to cresties and have been researching for quite some time. I plan on getting a 10 week old from pangeara and am unsure on the size enclosure I should keep him in. I have heard many say that a large kk work well at what age should I upgrade the size of the tank? Would a 12x12x18 be a better option until the gecko is about 6 months or big enough to move into a 18x18x36? Also should I wait to do a bioactive Vivarium until the gecko baby is adult size?

    I would really appreciate some help, Iíve read many forums and watched many videos but it seems like a very opinion based choice.

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    Welcome to the forums. Yes, there is a variety of ways to do things. I confess that when I got my first crested gecko, who was probably a month old, I put him right away into a 12x12x18. I wouldn't do that again necessarily, but he's now nearly 12 years old and going strong. I keep my crested gecko and gargoyle gecko hatchlings in 6qt shoebox sized tubs (which you can get from a place like Target for a bit more than $1) with a coconut shell hide, a small piece of cork bark for climbing on, a small water bowl and a bottle cap of CGD. You could probably use a KK. I'd go for the 12"x7"x9" one.
    I don't think there's anything wrong with doing a bioactive setup once the gecko is big enough to get out of the critter keeper or the shoebox. Ultimately the 18x18x36 or 18x18x24 will be fine. If you don't want to spend money on the 12x12x18, you could probably do fine in the intermediate stage with a 20 gallon tall.


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    I agree with acpart, I kept my first gecko in plastic enclosures (partially for ease of cleaning, mostly for cost), and once she reached adult size moved her to an 18x18x24. I am a big fan of exo terra enclosures, but with a growing animal I find it hard to rationalize buying several different ones for one animal that will eventually need a larger one. For this reason, I use lower cost enclosure options until the animal is large enough to move into a permanent enclosure. This reduces the cost of enclosures tremendously, as they aren't the cheapest. I would say if you follow acpart's advice, you'll be fine! 20 gallon tall tanks make for great intermediate tanks, or even a 20g long placed vertically. Good luck with your gecko!

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