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Thread: My posts are not posting

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    Default My posts are not posting

    When ever I post something I wait a day then the next day itís still not there I posted 2 things then my things stopped posting I have kept trying to post them but they never post is keep posting the same thing like 3 times and it still doesnít post and I still have loads of questions about those topics but it never posts! Please help.

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    Heavy spam loads on forums ruin them if they aren't monitored. Your posts are probably awaiting a moderators attention. Once they get seen, they get validated as a good user and post to the forum. Once you are around for a while I think you will get flagged less. It may also be that the holidays slow.down the availability of moderators. Don't get discouraged. It is for the security and well being of the forum and our experiences here.

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    Thanks the problem just got fixed I saw all of my posts thank you though for telling me whatís going on

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    I've wondered about this - I see a lot of posts in the "What's New" tab, but they don't show up in "New Posts". And they're sometimes doubled - or tripled - in the "What's New" section, but at least I see them there. So that's where I look first now.
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