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Thread: Does my garg have a good weight?

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    Default Does my garg have a good weight?

    So my gargoyle gecko is almost 16 months old now, and weighs around 30 grams. Is that a good weight for her age? She took a long time to settle in and only recently started eating on her own, and she refuses live food.

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    I have a slow growing garg. Hygge was hatched in February (if I remember right) and I got him in April. He stayed at 12 grams for the longest time. He showed no interest in live food at first, but about a month ago he started eating roaches and his weight has gone up now.

    I've learned that you can't really compare weights and ages, as there is so much difference in individual geckos. If she's eating CGD on her own now and is otherwise healthy and not losing any weight, she's most likely just fine. Offer insects every now and then; she might develop a taste for them one of these days.
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