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Thread: How to estimate the age of a Crestie

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    Default How to estimate the age of a Crestie

    I have a Crested at home his name is Hermes I want to figure out his age so I know if 12x12x18 will be too small or too big. I know most people guess by weight and length so how do you estimate with weight and length? He is 6in from tail to head. I havenít weighed him yet because I donít know when to handle and take him out for cleaning, weighing and eating crickets.

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    Sorry for posting the same thread twice my threads werenít posting I waited a few days but still were not posting.

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    You really can't tell the age of a gecko if you don't know. That is why people go by weight for how to tell when to change tank size. Cresties have a large variation in growth rates so even age isn't a good indicator since they don't have a normal growth rate. I have a 6 month old gecko that is 18 grams. My other gecko was almost a year before he was 18 grams.

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    If it is under 25 grams it's still a juvenile. Over, then it's an adult. Apart from that we really can't tell. Maybe a vet could tell you more, but I doubt it.

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    Thanks I will try that soon


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