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    Iíve seen a lot of videos on handling and a lot of info on when and how to handle your Crested gecko some say the first few days some say to wait 3-4 weeks Iíve only had him for about a week and we just got him fake plants and sticks and ordering a new 12x12x18 enclosure and when should I start handling him and should I not clean his enclosure until I start handling?

    Thank you

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    I'd wait at least two weeks after he is in his new tank before handling for any length of time. You can clean the tank about every 2 weeks, and moving him from the tank to a Kritter Keeper or similar while you are cleaning will not hurt him.
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    Thank you I will just use a plastic container with holes in it to put him in thank you I just signed up today and Iím already loving this website and again thank you

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    Thank you so much we are about to order a kritter keeper for Hermes and thank you that question has been in my mind ever since I started reasearching but when I found this website it was like heaven Iíve been waiting for a reptile guide for a long time

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    I'd say wait two weeks after he's started eating. Because you want them to have an amount of time where they feel safe in their vivarium. And you can only know that they feel safe when they are eating. So if he's eating now, wait two weeks. If he doesn't start to eat until next week, wait three weeks, etc.

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    It's also a good idea to make sure the gecko is eating before you handle. Handling is stressful and if it's already to scared and stressed to eat handling will make it even worse

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    Thanks Iím getting a new terrarium for him heís been eating his banana and apricot Pangea gecko diet so Iíll will wait 2 weeks when he gets his new tank if he continues to eat. Once again thank you.


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