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    Hey all,

    Since I care for cresties and leos, I am subscribed to Leopard Gecko Talk. Rebecca (who runs it) seems very well informed and I have learned a lot from her. Recently she made a basic crested gecko care guide . Just wanted to share this, as this Channel has been a huge help for me personally. Any thoughts?
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    Oh, I love her! Been following her channel for a while now. Glad someone else watches her!

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    i've seen a handful of her videos. Generally very good educational videos and even though there are a feeew things that I disagree on among her talks, the health of her animals speaks louder than words and despite what I may disagree with, it's very clear she cares for her animals and does so well.
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    I like her videos too. Haven't seen enough to disagree with much that she has on there, but I subscribed and have been watching as I have the time.
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