I am new to the page (I thought I posted this before, but I guess it didn't go through?). First off I want to thank everyone who is involved on this forum! It is wonderful, and I am learning so much everyday by going on and reading even past posts. I have other lizards, even two crested but, this is my first gargoyle and it won't be last for sure. She is from what the breeder told me, 3 years old and is proven breeder. He told me that is probably gravid, but I am not sure about that? I have had her since Dec. 2nd and no eggs yet.
I am totally in love with her, and she loves to spend most of her time curled up by neck hiding in my hair. Its so cute, I take her out (Nala), she looks at me to make sure its me (i like to believe) and she jumps right up.
My question is...does anyone use a repti fogger? The breeder made it seem so important to have the right humidity at all times, but from what I am gathering, they are a lot like crested? I think the fogger might be to much? I am thinking about giving the fogger to our White's tree frogs.
What do you guys think about the foggers? Do you use them?
Thank you!!!