I got my first gargoyle gecko about 3 weeks ago. From what they breeder told me she is 3 years old and was a proven breeder, he thinks she might even be gravid right now? I am not sure about that? He also made a big deal about humidity. I ended up buying a repti fogger, from what he saying misting just wouldn't be enough. But, I am reading more and more, and educating myself even more, cause I do want more gargs. It doesn't seem like most owners use a repti fogger? Did I waste my money? I mean I can always use it on the White's Tree frogs. What do you guys think? I sometimes feel that the fogger actually puts out to much moisture at times?

Thank you everyone. I am learning so much, and love reading all the forums. I also do have 2 crested geckos who are juveniles right now, but hoping in a couple of years to breed them.