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Thread: What can I get for a 15 gal Long Terrestrial Tank?

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    Default What can I get for a 15 gal Long Terrestrial Tank?

    Hi! I have a 15 gal tank that I can use for ground dwellers. What do you guys know or suggest for it?

    I am considering the following:

    PacMan Frog
    Leopard Gecko
    Armadillo Girlded
    Chinese Cave Gecko
    0.0.1 Crested Gecko "Chilli"

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    All depends on what YOU like, and what you are comfortable caring for. I like ease of care, so the leo or the PacMan would appeal to me, out of the ones you listed.
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    I like ease too, I just wanted to see what others said, or if there was something I was forgetting, but thanks, I may get a leo
    0.0.1 Crested Gecko "Chilli"


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