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    I just got my crested gecko a week ago and it is about a month old but it will not eat unless I put its food on its mouth then he eventually licks it off. Iíve tried feeding crickets and he wonít eat them. Any suggestions?

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    Skip the insects for now, and make sure he is eating the CGD (are you feeding Pangea or Repashy? Both are good) well first. It takes a new gecko up to a month to start eating in a new environment! So a week is not long - they can go a long time without eating. Plus, a month old gecko eats so little when it does eat, that you may not even notice it. Your best way of knowing is to get a gram scale, and weigh him every couple of weeks to make sure he is gaining weight. I wouldn't do that for the first month or so though, until he is used to his new home.

    What size tank do you have? He will need to have a smaller-size tank to be able to find the food well. You might try putting out two feeding stations - one up high, and one closer to or on the ground. You can always add the insects later. He'll need to get established on the
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