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Thread: 4 Adult Mainland Chahoua gecko group for sale

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    Default 4 Adult Mainland Chahoua gecko group for sale

    I have a group of 4 adult Mainland Chahoua geckos for sale. 2 are high red Troeger line that I bought from mplexus301 on here born in 2012. The other 2 was bought from Jon Boone hatched in 2012 as well, 1 German line and 1 Czech Republic. Pretty sure there is at least 2 females in this group. They have been eating mainly Black Panther gecko diet which is a big plus as well as bugs and fresh fruit.I am reluctant to ship them as I donít have the experience in reptiles, shipped many fish though as dmtanks328 on aquabid.I am willing to meet half way if you canít pick them up at my house in Lexington NC, can drive up to 7 hours round trip on a weekend day to insure safety of the animals as long as my gas is paid by buyer.Asking $350 each for the high red Troegers, $250 for the German, $250 for the Czech or can do a Troeger red with the German or Czech pair $475 or $800 for all 4. Have supplies that I will give for free to buyer(s).Any ? please ask and have a great day, David
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    All chahouas are sold, Thank you Pangea


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