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Thread: My first Leo!

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    Post My first Leo!

    I am new here. I just recently got a leo. I am pretty certain it is a female but would like some feedback on a few things.

    I have a 10-gallon terrarium.
    Warm side: 86-90 degrees, Cool side: 75-80
    Newspaper substrate for now... be switching it out for reptile carpet.
    I do not have a U.T.H mat but I ordered on Amazon so will be arriving soon.
    She doesn't seem to really enjoy mealworms although it could also be from relocation stress. Its been a couple days now she slowly getting used to new environment but how long will it take? Also, I will pick up a few crickets to even see if she is at all interested. Could this be due to winter brumation as well? Not eating because of that?

    I just started measuring her with scale she is approx 21g.

    Heres some photos of her:

    Is it okay to use the 10-gallon terrarium for now and upgrade later or do I have to change it ASAP? Does she look healthy? She is pretty active at nighttime although I seen her sometimes laying on the floor. Is that normal?
    I am totally new to owning a leo and any advice/suggestion highly appreciated.
    Thank you

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    Congrats on your new leopard gecko. The 10 gallon should be fine for now, but an upgrade at some point in the future to at least a 20 gallon long is a good idea. It can take as much as 2 weeks for a new gecko to start eating, and they can go for quite awhile without eating with no harm. Some adult leopard gecko eat very little during the winter; there's no way to tell if that's what's happening. Do you know what the gecko was eating before you got her? I start my hatchlings on mealworms but the ones I keep to adulthood get tired of them and prefer crickets and super worms. Read some care sheets online and trust the information that keeps appearing .



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