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Thread: What Lizard Should I Get Next?

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    Hello! I am a relatively new lizard owner, owning a crested gecko since July, and having helped care for a bearded dragon since October. I am considering getting a new reptile, but am not sure what to get. I am really considering a Tokay, or two or three Armadillo Girdled Lizards. I know Tokays can be a challenge because of their aggressive nature, but I feel like I can handle it. I have experience with aggressive animals, I tamed down a goose at my school that was extremely nippy and aggressive to the point where I can pick her up and hold her. I also am considering Armadillo Girdleds, the downside being that they are hard to find. I love Abronias, but do not feel like I can give them the proper care at this time, so I ruled them out. Also, I have thought about a Flying Gecko, but am not sure. Please give any comments or suggestions you may have. Thank you so much for replying!
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    I have always wanted a blue tongue skink . They require a good amount of attention, but tame easily. I've met a couple that love to hang out with humans. They can be pretty active during certain times of day which i like.

    And they are relatively easy to find depending on where you live.

    They grow to be pretty big so i guess a downside would be using space for a larger enclosure

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    From what I've read, tokays are definitely not for beginners...what about a chahoua, if you are looking for something a little more exotic? Or a leaf-tail gecko, if you can find one?
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    This is always a hard question to answer. Whenever someone asks for suggestions on choosing their next herp on forums like this, most of the responses gravitate towards the species that the respondent likes. So, I could tell you what species I like, but that wouldn't help you much. I have no way of knowing what YOU like, other than the species you just mentioned .So here's the advice I'll give:
    First, look at lots of different species. Read some lizard books, see what's readily available by checking out the ads on Fauna Classifieds and If you have any herp keeping friends or acquaintances, ask to look at their animals. Go to shows, pet stores, etc. This should give you a few choices. Research care and behavior of the various species, and narrow it down from there.
    I have had Tokays. They are interesting, but generally not handleable. In fact, routine chores such as cage cleaning can lead to bloodshed if caution is not exercised. But, they are hardy and inexpensive.
    Armadillo lizards might work, if you can provide sufficient heat and UVB.
    I've never kept Abronia, but they are expensive, and care requirements probably not for a beginner.
    Flying geckos are inexpensive and hardy, but really aren't handleable, and you'll mostly see them out at night.
    If I were you, here are some things I would look at:
    Ground geckos. If you don't want to be like everybody else and get a leopard gecko, look at fat tails, Teratoscincus, and Paerodura. All are nice, relatively inexpensive, and easy to care for.
    Skinks. There are lots of inexpensive species that are not blue tongues. Fire skinks, Berber's, etc.
    Uromastyx. Somne species are relatively inexpensive, and they are easy to keep, IF you are able to provide a large, hot enclosure.

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    Yeah I am aware Tokays can be difficult, their care isnt difficult but they are difficult to tame which sucks
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    thank you so much I will definitely look into these!
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    Maybe a leopard gecko? I heard they are great pets

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