So first off I just want to say I'm new here, so I don't know many of the abbreviations yet. I have 3 geckos: 2 leos and 1 crestie. All of them have perfect temps and humidity levels. Tuesday night (todays Sunday) I bought a crested gecko from Petsmart(I know many people are against buying pets from petstores but it's too late, anyways he/she seemed in great condition). They told me she was roughly 2 months old and she had been at PetSmart for a month already (half of her life...) She is in a cage meant for chameleons so it's big. I'm 80% sure she knows where the formula is because it's by her water dish and I've seen her near that before. I feed her Repashy, which is the same thing she was eating before. I haven't seen her poop yet, unless it's just hidden somewhere. She spends most of her time hiding in some fake plants I have ( I haven't messed with her or tried to touch her because I know she's settling in) I don't have too many decorations in there yet so she isn't getting lost I don't think. Is this normal? It's hard to tell if she's licking the formula because, obvious reasons. She looks beautiful and healthy.
So on Friday I was at Petco looking at their decor and saw 4 leo babies. They were "2-3 months old" but oh my they were skinny. I took one in an effort to give it a good life. It's in a 10 gallon tank and it has pooped, but whenever i tried to feed it mealworms he just licked it and walked away. I know more about leos because of my first one ( Which I got 6 months ago and LOVES to eat, although he didn't start out that way). There's a very light blue marking on his belly (he's on reptile carpet right now. I want to say he was on some sort of sand beforehand). I'm hoping he doesn't have impaction... My mama senses are coming out and it's stressing me. It's a very light blue and his tummy isn't big.
Also, I want to feed him mealworms if at all possible. I just feed mine crickets sometimes because I don't live in town so it's easier to feed them mealworms ( My ollie has thrived off of them).
I'm sorry this is so long, I'm just a 16 year old mama trying to make sure her babies are okay ](*,)