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Thread: Any Advice On Diagnosing/Treating Eye Infections?

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    Default Any Advice On Diagnosing/Treating Eye Infections?

    Hi All, I am looking for advice. I have a 3-4 year old female crested gecko that I believe has an eye infection. One eye looks normal while the other is a little smaller and darker/redder in coloration. When the pupil dilates, I can see a grey/whitish cloud inside the pupil and the weird eye's pupil doesn't quite dilate as large as the other one. The gecko appears to have some visibility issues on that side but is otherwise alert, active, and healthy, though has some barely noticeable FTS. I have also considered the possibility that it is a cataract but figured I might treat the gecko for a bacterial infection to rule out that option. I don't have the spare cash to take her to a vet.

    The gecko's history is as follows:
    I purchased her at the New Hampshire Reptile Expo in the fall of 2014 as a sub adult.
    Summer of 2015 I bred her and got 5/8 eggs to hatch and all the babies have grown up happy and healthy with no problems. She was in a communal tank at one point but I noticed she was losing weight, presumably due to her nervous nature compared to some other more dominant females so I put her in her own tank and she has lived alone since Nov/Dec 2015. I shipped her and my other geckos to CA when I moved there in the summer of 2016. At some point one of her eyes grew darker but I did not notice the cloud in its pupil until a little while ago. She continues to lay dud eggs even though she has not been with a male for over 2 years. I sometime wonder if the time she wasn't eating in the communal tank caused a developmental issue with the eye since she was still laying eggs. As said before, she is otherwise perfectly healthy and I would like to breed her again someday.
    Good Eye
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    Weird Eye (You can see the grey cloudy spot)
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    Any help/ advise will be appreciated. I haven't found specific advise for crested geckos in my internet searches on this matter, only leopard geckos.
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    Boy, I wish I could help you on this one. I would think that some type of antibiotic drops might help, but most likely they'd have to be prescription. Has that eye always been that way, or did you just recently notice this?
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    The fact that the eye in question is actually smaller than the normal eye is odd, normally from my experience, infected eyes tend to be bigger because of swelling due to buildups of fluid. If there isn't any swelling around the eye or that side of the gecko's face or any ocular discharge, I'd be more inclined to think that it was a cataract like you proposed. Either way I'd try and get it checked out as soon as you have the cash.
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    This looks like an eye that has been injured in the past. It can happen from a misplaced breeding bite or from being housed with other females displaying dominance bites. It is common for the affected eye to stay deeper in the socket after an injury like this. Everyone is correct that an infected eye would be swolen and liquid filled. I usually spray down infected eyes with colloidal silver to kill any bacteria and or fungus. If that does not work then seeing a veterinarian is a good idea.

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    Vet Tech here. I have absolutely 0 reptile experience but to me it looks like an old eye injury that some how has healed without intervention but I canít say for sure.


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