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Thread: African Fat Tail; Feeding too much or too little??

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    Question African Fat Tail; Feeding too much or too little??

    So first time gecko mum who recently acquired a 3 month old, believed to be male fat tailed gecko- he's been with me a week now and already I can see he's gotten bigger and his tail is nice and plump- bright eyes, lovely personality, I planned to wait another week, but little guy let me handle him today! x3

    He's eating brilliantly, no problem at all; 100% on the ball to the point he ran up the back wall (Exo terra rock decor one) to grab a cricket 2 days ago.

    He get's 2 mealworms around 9/10am then 8 gut loaded, dusted micro crickets at 2pm and another 2 to 3 depending on their size, mealworms in his bowl when I go to bed around 11pm.

    So he likes his grub, but ... he's still looking for food even after 8 crickets. Should I be giving him a few more? Or is this just the generic fat tails will eat till they pop thing? I was told by a few people they can be greedy, but I don't want to be starving the poor little guy if he needs more food :c

    In terms of his passings- I'm removing 2-3 poops daily, I'm not sure if this means I'm over feeding or if that's normal? I've also noticed... there's no white tip on his poop, and google gives me no answers to whether this is normal for fat tails... I have seen him drinking, but only one mouthful once a day... and these are definitely poops since I got worried and broke one up *wearing gloves* and it did indeed contain bits of cricket...

    The crickets do get water soaked cotton wool and they drink from them frequently, they also have squash, sweet potato and whole wheat, so I'm wondering if they're hydrating him so he's not drinking as much as he would otherwise, and that's causing the lack of urea??

    If anyone knows if a missing white tip is normal in fat tail poop or not, I'd be grateful for the info <3 I don't really want to uproot him from his terrarium so soon to get a vet check him out, but at the end of the day, his health comes first

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    Congrats on your new gecko. Feed him as much as he will eat. Actually, by 3 months, he could probably eat 1/4" or even full sized crickets. He may eat fewer crickets if they are bigger (I used to start my hatchling AFT's on 1/4" crickets). He may be peeing somewhere else. I wouldn't worry about it.


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