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Thread: Male crested gecko fat? Or not

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    Default Male crested gecko fat? Or not

    Hey Iíve had my boy for a 6 months and heís 1 year now. When I got him he was 8 grams, I weight him monthly but now when I last weighed him last month he was 50 grams! He has slight wrinkles by his side when heís curved but nothing when heís stood straight. Iím still quite new to this so I was wondering could this be a normal weight for a male because Iíve heard of females getting to that weight but never males, or is he fat and Iíll put him on a diet.

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    It's a little on the large side, but not outrageously so. A photo would help, but it sounds like he's fine.

    *EDIT - I should edit this post - 50 grams is not an outrageous size - but the short time span of the weight gain is unusual. You don't want to have him keep growing at that rate!

    What are you feeding him, how much and how often?

    (See other thread posted by Persian Princess about her new 74g male! )
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    Are you sure your scale is weighing right? 42g weight gain in 6 months is a huge difference. Manning it’s not weighing in grams?
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    He gets fed about a 1/4 tea spoon of raspy every night but think Iím going to dead every other night now but slightly more because it drys out too quickly. Iíll double check the scales but this was my problem over the first few months he was fed 2 crickets twice a week but now only gets them like ones every w

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    Heís was originally fed on 1/2 tea spoon of rapshy dry mixed with water and was originally eating 2 crickets every week but now he gets them every other week and is only on 1/4 mix of rapshy or Pangea. he seems to have been at about 48g for the past 1-1/2 months now which hopefully means he wonít grow too much more now especially with the new diet changes in making. Thanks for the help

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