So I got my first crested gecko on Saturday. Itís a one year old male and I got him from a rescue place. He wasnít mistreated by his previous owners or anything he was just given up to them. They assured me of its health and had me sign adoption papers and everything. He does seem very healthy, he weighs 31 grams. I just have a few questions and want to hear peopleís opinions about some stuff.

1.) my humidity in the day time never drops below 55% so do I not have to mist in the morning like most people do? I misted lightly this morning and it got to almost 80 which seems too high for daytime humidity. I donít want to cause him respiratory issues. Thoughts on this?

2.) I know most people always say wait 1-2 weeks sometimes a month even to let your new crested settle in but Iíve also heard of a lot of people having issues with theirs being very very flighty after they waited a week or two to handle their gecko. I decided to take mine out last night (gave him a full day to adjust). He did try to run away when I first tried to grab him but I think I might have woken him up so thatís why he was so alarmed. Once he was out he was completely fine. Didnít keep trying to jump and run away. Didnít show stress signs like gaping his mouth, moving his tail or making noises or anything. He would only jump if you put something in front of him to jump to. If he had the chance he would always climb up to my shoulder and he would just chill there. I hand fed him too because he didnít eat his first night. I know not to do this often so that he doesnít get used to it. I feel like waiting too long actually causes them to get used to not being handled. What are everyoneís thoughts on this?

3.) like I said he doesnít seem to have eaten in his enclosure but he had a few licks of the Pangea I offered him when I took him out. I donít think it was a full meal for him because it was only a few licks. How much do adult crested geckos usually eat? Will they ever empty out a half filled 1.5 oz cup or do they typically not eat that much?

4.) how common is it for new crested geckos to not eat for a while when they first come home to a new place? When should I start getting concerned?