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Thread: Crested gecko feeding?

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    Default Crested gecko feeding?

    I work at a pet store that sells created geckos. I have always been under the impression that they needed to be fed both the prepared diet and crickets every day. This is what Iíve told all the people who ask about them. Recently, Iíve been told that they only need the prepared blend, and donít need the crickets, or just once a week. Iím not sure what is correct, and donít want to share improper information with new owners. Could someone here who knows more about them please set me straight? Do they need crickets every day, or just on occasion? Also, does their need for crickets change as they grow older?

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    They don't really need crickets everyday and if they are on a good quality diet like repashy or pangea they don't really need crickets at all since there is insects in the food already. Crested geckos are more of a fruit eating gecko then an insect eater. You want them to be eating the prepared diet more since it is nutritionally balanced for them. If they get crickets all the time they may not eat enough of the prepared diet. Crickets are good to add variety to their diet and to help young geckos grow. It also adds enrichment to their life by encouraging hunting behaviour. Many people offer them once a week or every two weeks. Also many adult geckos loose interest in insects and some geckos may not eat them at all. Adults don't require insects like young ones do. It's important that all crickets are gut loaded and dusted with calcium/d3 before feeding.

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    They are perfectly fine on a comepletely powdered diet, such as Repashy or Oangea, nothing else. Tbh, they don't need insects, at all. I do however think insects are good for them. So if it was decided to feed insects, once or twice every few weeks would be best. Definitely not everydayz
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    Crickets (or dubias, or calci worms) are not necessary if they are feeding Repashy or Pangea (complete diet), but are enrichment if gut-loaded and dusted, and fed more as a treat occasionally than as the staple diet.

    Thank you for asking! It is refreshing to see a pet store assistant who has the best interest of the critters in mind!
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