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Thread: Gecko Stuck in Decor / Learn from my Mistake

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    Default Gecko Stuck in Decor / Learn from my Mistake

    Hello everyone. I'm kind of new to the forum but not exactly new to the hobby. I've been keeping frogs for a while but wanted to try my hand at something else. So, I purchased a juvenile leachianus.

    I hate Exo Terra cages. Let me explain.

    So I purchased the Exo Terra Bamboo Forest kit due to the fact that the decoration could double as an elevated feeding dish. Pretty sweet I thought. During the unboxing of the cage I noticed a few things off the bat. First, the screen top wasn't of very good quality but wasn't exactly a big deal. The bamboo decoration though was what caught my attention and I wish I had followed my gut but I was too excited about decoration/feesing dish. The bamboo shoots of the decor are hollow and accessible from the inside of the decoration. In other words, your little critter can get stuck in it if the conditions are right.

    And you guessed it, that's exactly what happened. My little gecko got spooked by my cat (my own fault for letting it into my reptile/amphibian room) and bolted directly into one of the shoots. The insides of the shoots aren't smooth as you'd expect. They are weird and bulbous so, think very unevenly textured. So I gave my leachie a couple days to de-stress and chill out before I started to worry. Offered her food as usual and continued to observe for a little while longer. After examining her situation and after failed attempts at persuading her to come.out on her own I took the decor to the kitchen, grabbed my husband's tool pouch and began gently cracking the bamboo shoot.

    For anyone that ever gets in this situation, here is what I did and assuming your Herp is nose up in an exo Terra decor that it can't get out of. Because I searched and could find no help.

    First, plug up the bamboo shoots that your Herp isn't in because once it is free it will be stressed and angry and you don't want it getting stuck again. Then grab a pair of pliers and start cracking and chipping the decoration. It takes so little pressure by the way. You'll want to chip down the bamboo shoot while, what worked best for me, was tapping your geckos snoot so it backs itself up (down the shoot).

    For those who are curious. My leachianus is 38 grams. The cage is the 12x12x18 Exo Terra Bamboo Forest kit. I intend to move her to an appropriate sized cage once she is larger.

    My gecko is fine now. She has shed and eaten since this ordeal.

    Anyone who purchases this kit, be sure to seal the bamboo shoots off with Herp safe silicone so that this doesn't happen to you.

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