So I had my crestie Norris for the last 9 and a half years. He was purchased as a young gecko. He was sexed as a male once he was larger. I always thought he was rather small but he weighed about 70g and appeared in good health. I was on holiday this last week and my mother was looking after him. I came home tonight to the sad news that she had found my poor Norris dead in his tank mid week. My mother was clearing out the viv later that night and found 2 eggs. This stumped me as he has NEVER laid eggs before as I would have found some in the past 9.5 years. This had made me think he was definitely a male as he had never laid but now I think laying may have taken it out of him (her) and he (she) must have passed after laying eggs which makes me very upset.

So I suppose my real question is has anyone ever encountered a situation like this before where a gecko does not lay eggs until this age? Or has she always eaten her eggs in the past?

Thank you for your help.