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    Hi everyone, I have had my crestie Littlefoot for a week now and I have noticed he has lost weight. I believe I have seen a very small amount of poop on the plant he sleeps in but I canít tell if he is eating or not. He is comfortable exploring the cage at night when it is completely dark so I feel like he has to have seen the food in the cage. I weighed him when I got him and he was 5g and this week he is 4g. Should I be concerned or do something differently? Thank you in advance for your help!

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    It might take 2-3 weeks for him to feel at home and comfortable enough to start eating well. If he's small, you still may not notice whether he is eating or not, they eat such a small amount!

    You could try putting in a second feeding station - one higher up, and one nearer to the ground. If you can put some foliage around it, that would probably help too.
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