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    Just got our first crested gecko ever. Never had a lizard before. Our pet store told us we needed a heat lamp for her and a heat pad on the side of her terrarium. But I can't have either of them on long or it drys out her humidity and makes it way to hot in her enclosure. Am I doing something wrong? Should I mist her terrarium a couple times a day and forget the heat lamp and heat pad? I want to make sure I'm doing everything right for her. Does she need a light still? If so, what kind? Does she need a humidity box?

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    You don't need a heat pad for a crestie. The heat lamp would be needed only if your temps get colder than about 68.

    Get a good digital hygrometer/thermometer rather than the cheapie analog ones (Pangea sells them here for about $12). That will help with accurately knowing your humidity levels.

    If she gets ambient lighting (not direct sun) during the day, you don't need a lamp. UVB is up to your discretion. I use a UVB light for a couple of hours a day just because my tanks are in a rather dark corner of my house. If you have sufficient lighting during the day, you don't need a lamp, but if you want to view at night when she is more active, get some blue LED lighting or the Exo Terra night bulb. A humid hide is helpful also, and will help keep the humidity in your tank up. They do need a drying off period during the day, to avoid respiratory problems and to help with shedding. Humidity should be 50-70% daytime, 80-100% nighttime.
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