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Thread: Heat light in bioactive viv?

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    Default Heat light in bioactive viv?

    My crestie wasnt eating so i got him a red heat light and he eats 5x more. The temps are 78 but soon i am getting a bioactive viv 45x45x60 so im wondering if i can keep my heat light? I also have an exo terra day and night. Do i need any more lighting for my new viv/ take away the ones i have?

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    I would set up the enclosure and act as if your gecko is in it for 2 or 3 days. Like spray it down as often as you normally would and monitor the temp/humidity (If there is a way for you too heat both the new and current enclosure of course.)
    If he seems to be benefiting from it I don't see a reason to take some lights away. My biggest concern would be it getting too hot and/or drying out too quickly. I use one light that gives off heat but also benefits the plants.


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