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    Hello. My Crested Gecko who I got over a week ago is acting very odd. Some nights he’ll be perfectly fine and explore his cage. Other nights he’ll stay in the same position and not move. On nights where he is active, which are almost every nights, he drinks and eats healthily. On nights/mornings where he doesn’t, I notice one eye sinking in a ton. This morning, I was letting him lick my finger a bit when I suddenly noticed his eye sinking in until it looked like his eye was almost closed. He then stopped moving. I went to snap a picture of it and I think the flash alarmed him a bit, and he moved over to a leaf, his eye bugging out once again. He drank a little, and then licked the wonky eye about 10 times. Can someone tell me what might be wrong?

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    Please post a photograph of the eyes so that we can have something to work off of!
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    Sometimes I think they do "sink in" a little bit when they are sleeping. But agreed, it would help us help you to see a picture. Can you get one without using a flash?
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