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Thread: Sexing Cresties Help

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    Default Sexing Cresties Help

    I have 3 cresties that I want to sex but I am not positive how to do it,I think they are about 9-10 months but I am not sure, they weigh 7-10 grams. (Also I do not know how to share pictures from my camera roll but when I do they will probably be below)

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    Sorry, but we'd need pictures to be able to help you.
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    Well, not to be vulgar, but if you see, well, balls then they are male, If not, then female

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    Quote Originally Posted by nick15063 View Post
    Well, not to be vulgar, but if you see, well, balls then they are male, If not, then female
    7-10 grams may be too small for the bulge to be present. My male didn't "drop" until he was around 12 grams and I think the big reason he did was because I bought an adult male. At the time I brought the big male home for the first day they both seemed to be senting the air a lot and were as close to each other as their cages would allow and very alert but then settled again. It was only a few days later that my "mystery sex" young gecko developed into a man

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    You can use a man image hosting site, such as Imgur and ahare the link here.

    Geckos don’t drop “balls” at this weight.

    If you post a clear picture of the inside area, vent area, we can help you the best we can. Although this is still pretty small and it still may not be determined.
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