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Thread: Baby crested gecko not eating shed skin

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    Default Baby crested gecko not eating shed skin

    Is it normal for my baby gecko to give no effort when shedding? He doesnt eat it and it just stays on him. Help

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    If he/she hasn't removed it themselves then it means they have had a bad shed (usually due to improper care or health issues). I would give then gecko a sauna (put them in a small closable container like a tupperware with some warm damp paper towel or small amount of warm water for 15min to make the skin loose and then roll it off gently with a Q-tip) If you don't help them remove the shed it could eventually cause skin problems or cut off circulation to legs/toes/tail.

    What humidity and temperatures are you keeping your gecko at? Is it eating and pooping well? What do you feed it? For reference one of my geckos had a bad shed due to having pin worms. As soon as I got them medication for that they haven't had a bad shed since. Temperature and humidity problems are usually the cause for bad sheds but sickness can also cause it.

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