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Thread: My exo terra tank arrived with a foam backing in it. Do I wait in case of off-gassing

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    Default My exo terra tank arrived with a foam backing in it. Do I wait in case of off-gassing

    So my exo terra tank arrived in the mail a few days ago. What do I need to do to make sure this thing is gecko ready? I have all the supplies to decorate the tank and some cleaner. Should I give it a good scrub down before putting my gecko in there? As for the title question, here's the deal. The foam has a bit of a plastic/slightly chemical smell to it. That makes me worry that it's giving off some sort of chemical gas. It's just a standard fake foam rock background. Should I assume it's been waiting around in a warehouse for a while and just use it or take it out for a few weeks until it doesn't emit a smell. Or maybe these things always have a smell to them (no experience here so if you've experienced this let me know) and I'm over-reacting. What do you guys think?

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    I think it will be fine. Clean it out just in case, set it up and your gecko should enjoy it.


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    I didn't notice a smell in mine when I got it, but I cleaned it and aired it out for a day before I put my gecko in it anyway. I ended up taking out the styrofoam (just because I wasn't too crazy about it) and put a cork backing in it. I like the looks of it a lot better with the cork.
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    I don't like the look of the backings at all, so I took them out of all of my cages.
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