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    I知 new to reptiles and have been looking into getting a leopard gecko. I知 hoping to get some advice on their care? And if they are a good beginner reptile. My main concern is their diet, are they able to just survive off mealworms with calcium powder? How do you gut load mealworms and keep them stored? And lastly what is a good substrate for them to live on? I致e heard many mixed opinions and I知 not very sure. Thanks

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    Yes, I recommend you read the care sheets and then come and ask specific questions. As for the specific questions you did ask:
    yes, they are good beginner pets
    Some leopard geckos eat mealworms their whole lives, but I have found that the ones I keep to adulthood get kind of bored with them because they don't move much. I feed my adults crickets and super worms.
    There is plenty of info about storing and dusting mealworms. If you have questions after you do the research, feel free to ask.
    I keep my leopard geckos primarily on ceramic tile and that works very well. There are other choices as well than include: newspaper, paper towel, repti-carpet, coco fiber. Sand is not good for a juvenile and not particularly recommended. Some people do it and if you must, use play sand, not cclci-sand.
    There will be different opinions on what to do. You can read, research and ask questions, but ultimately you'll have to pick something that others have done successfully and observe to see if you're getting a good result.



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