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Thread: Leopard gecko care

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    I am new to reptile care and have been looking into getting a leopard gecko and I am hoping to get some advice on the best way to care for them and their diet. Would I be able to feed them just meal worms? How do you gut-load and store mealworms for you leopard gecko? Also what would be a good substrate for them? I have heard many mixed opinions and am not very sure.

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    I would personally not suggest just feeding them one type of food, as variety is always better and they may get bored of them. If you don't like crickets you can try black soldier fly larvae, super worms, silk worms, and Dubia roaches (which many people prefer). For storing and gut loading, I would recommend storing them in plastic tubs with dry oats. To gut load them feed them fresh food, such as cucumbers and lettuce and carrots, etc. Just remember that whatever you feed your insects goes to your gecko. For substrate, NEVER USE SAND. I personally use paper towels but you can use repticarpet and some have used eco earth. If you want to look into it farther I recommend the youtube account leopardgecko.


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