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Thread: Feeding Crested Gecko cost.

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    Default Feeding Crested Gecko cost.

    I'm thinking about getting a crestie, how much would it cost to feed one and what should I feed it? Thanks

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    I recommend Repashy and Pangea food for all crested geckos. If you buy the smaller size bottle/bag ( normally 2 or 3 oz ) they normally range from 10-15 dollars, and usually last 6 months to a year. I would buy atleast 2 different flavors so that your gecko has some variety. The foods come in powder form, you add water until the consistency is like a smoothie/paste.

    If the gecko is small they should start out in a smaller enclosure where the food isn't too far from them. Once they get bigger and move up to a tall and big enclosure, you will need a sturdy feeding ledge that located a bit higher up in there home so they don't have to goto the ground to eat. Some geckos love day old food but i wouldn't keep it in there for more than 2 nights

    If you choose to feed crickets ,I recommend buying the Repashy calcium supplement to dust the crickets with every once in a while. A 3 oz bottle usually costs around 10 dollars. Only feed crickets twice a week because they are full of fats!

    Along with many other things, always consider that these animals can live for over 15 years! And their enclosure needs misting twice a day, everyday throughout their life span

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    You should buy one or two flavours of repashy crested gecko diet or pangea conplete crestie diet. This is about 9 a pack for 2oz and will last a couple months. You can also feed insects but I dont so I wont say anything about that as you dont need to.

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    For one gecko, I would say the same as the previous posters. A couple different flavors of the 2 oz packages of Pangea or Repashy, and will last you a very long time. They don't NEED insects, but it is an enrichment for them if you choose to do so.
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