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Thread: Away for 3 weeks - where should I leave my crestie?

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    Default Away for 3 weeks - where should I leave my crestie?

    I will be away for about 3 weeks (possibly a bit more) over the Christmas holidays. I can't take my crestie with me, as I will be flying. He's been with me since the beginning of September and I really hate to leave him behind, but I go home only once a year and the grandparents would disown me if I didn't go!

    There is a pet hotel that specialises in reptiles an hour's train ride away, it looks like a nice place and the reviews are good (it's actually a large shop that sells reptile supplies as well as reptiles, but they also offer a boarding service). However, a friend just offered to look after the little dude while I'm gone.

    I honestly don't know what to do. If I board my gecko at the hotel he will most likely have to stay at one of the vivs over there. It will be a change of environment, and he'll be stressed out. He's very small (a grand total of 4 grams according to my kitchen scales), so he's currently in a large Exo Terra faunarium. I'm going to ask the hotel peeps if he can stay in his own home to make things easier for him, but they may not allow this. I'm also concerned about him catching parasites from the other residents. On the positive side, they seem to know what they're doing and there's probably going to be a vet around if anything goes wrong.

    If he stays at my friend's place he won't need to travel in the cold winter weather. He will stay in his own faunarium. He will continue eating his usual food (Pangea), which may not be possible at the shop/hotel as they only seem to carry Repashy (which my gecko won't touch with a bargepole). The downside is that my friend has two dogs. They're very calm dogs but they do bark every now and again, and when they do, they make sure it's loud!

    So yeah, I'm torn. Much as I like the idea of him being cared for by people experienced in keeping reptiles, I feel like he'll be much better off at my friend's place. Any advice most appreciated

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    I would say call, or better go visit the pet hotel and talk to them, visit where they gonna keep your crestie, ask them if they can put your faunarium and if you bring your food, if ok with them. If they are serious, they should explain how they work if you can't bring your faunarium/pangea, they will tell you a reason for it and you will be able to take a better decision.

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    Does your friend have experience with your crested? (feeding, missing, etc?)

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    Both of the options you laid out seem reasonable, so whatever you choose, it is likely to be fine.

    That said, the dogs shouldn't factor into the equation so long as the friend is responsible and knows how to feed, mist, and clean the cage of your gecko, and does not let the gecko out of the cage when dogs are able to come into the room.

    Several construction projects have started on my street in the past few years (I already had the geckos). I can assure you that construction is not just loud at times, but some of the tools used in the process -- diggers, jackhammers, concrete drills, etc. -- also cause everything to vibrate all day long. Nobody enjoys this, but my geckos are still fine.
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    Thank you all for your input I'm going to miss my gecko no matter where I leave him but I want to make sure he's somewhere he's properly cared for.

    @smeagol - I will definitely call the hotel to ask about the faunarium and food issue. I already filled in their online reservation form but they haven't got back to me yet, I will call them next week. Even if they can't have him stay in his own faunarium perhaps they will let me take some of his favourite leaves and hides to make him more at home.

    @Kai - My friend's had an iguana at some point, so she has experience in keeping reptiles if not crested geckos. I don't have experience with iguanas myself but I get the impression that they're more difficult than cresties so she should be OK.

    @Treebiscuit - She's one of the most responsible people I know, so I have absolutely no doubt that she will look after my gecko very well. She knows that the tank needs to be misted twice a day. Food is easy, as my gecko is currently eating cdg only (my two attempts at feeding him crickets were both met with indifference). I wouldn't want to ask her to do a thorough tank clean every week like I do, but I think it would be enough if she just removed any poop lying around.

    Now that I think about it, there was some repairwork in the flat upstairs and my gecko didn't seem to mind. I was super worried he'd freak out and drop his tail! He's also fine with the vacuum cleaner, which gets used a lot and it's pretty loud. But to be on the safe side I can ask my friend if she can keep him in one of the first floor rooms as the dogs hardly ever go there.


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