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Thread: Unexpected hatch!

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    Exclamation Unexpected hatch!

    We bought a female this spring which turned out to be gravid because today when i came home i found a baby crested!
    As i know they lay in clutches i started looking for more eggs. I found 2 broken eggs. And the other sibling!
    Tonight they will be togheter i a plastic tub, but tomorrow i will seperate!

    But here is the crazy thing!
    I started tearing the vivarium apart and found 3 eggs. I candled them and found out 2 were pink/red and 1 was yellow.
    Now i know they lay in clutches but i could not find the fourth egg! Is this normal? can they lay in odd numbers?

    Now i can only get vermiculite in my country, will this work for a lay box? Or do you guys have any suggestions? i think ordering something will take too long.

    I am really in a panick mode here, because i was planning to match her to my male next year, after a lot more of studying! I need all the help and input you can give me!

    Sorry for the bad english, not my native language!

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    Pretty sure crested geckos lay 2 at a time. Sometimes they may only lay 1 or she may still have 1 inside her, or she may have absorbed the second egg of that clutch. She has obviously been laying eggs for months if you have 5 eggs and all in different stages of development. Remember that females will lay eggs even if they haven't mated with a male. You should always be checking for eggs in an adult female tank for this reason.

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    Females typically lay clutches of 2, however its not uncommon for them to just lay one, my female did this year. If the egg has the cheerio (pink red circle) that means it is a fertile egg, if its yellow its infertile. Females will lay eggs even when they have not been paired but the eggs will be infertile, I keep a laybox in year round just cuz. You can use vermiculite for the incubation of the eggs. She must of been paired or housed with a male prior to yoh getting her.
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