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    I am a first time reptile owner with a Crested Gecko. She is I believe to be about 7-8 months old. I live in the mountains of CO. This winter it has been getting very cold. My rooms heater is broken so I am trying to figure out a way to heat her up. She is living in a 12x12x18 vivarium. I am 3 hours from the nearest city so it will be days before I can get out to buy a proper heat lamp. Any suggestions on both permanent and temporary heating solutions? Any other advice on feeding, Viv set up, and other tips would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    For temporary heat you can buy those instant handwarmers at Walmart in the sporting goods department (or sporting goods stores) - wrap them inside an old sock and put on the floor of your tank. They last a few hours, depending on the brand. You could try a space heater too, but be very careful with those, and I wouldn't leave it on while you are sleeping.

    Permanent heating - you can try ceramic heat emitters in a wire fixture (don't put them in a dome lamp, they get too hot).

    Feeding - get a good CGD (Crested Gecko Diet) - either Pangea or Repashy. They are complete diets and have everything included in them. You can add dusted insects later for hunting enrichment. Make sure she is eating the CGD well first.

    I don't have live plants, others will have to help you there.
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