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Thread: Under Tank Heater on Side Question

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    Question Under Tank Heater on Side Question


    I recently purchased a crested gecko. Due to the type of house I live in, the winter night temperatures reach 65F (and will likely get colder). I purchased the small under tank heater unit to try to give her more heat. However, I wanted to put it on the side since she doesn't go on the ground of her vivarium. I am worried about how to protect her skin from burns since she will likely be right against it with her sticky feet wizardry. Any recommendations? Her tank has lots of plants and a java wood hide that goes up the side of a tank, but she doesn't have a cork background or anything else similar against the wall.

    Thank you!

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    get a thermostat to control the heat output. You should never use a heat mat without one or you risk burning your reptile or even cracking the glass of the enclosure.

    Personally heat pads don't really work well for heating the tank. They won't put heat into the space at all and will just heat the glass they are in contact with. If the gecko doesn't sit right on the mat at night (which they probably won't since night time is when they eat and move around) it won't help keep them warm. I tried it at first and it didn't help at all so now I use heat lamps with dimmers to keep them from getting too hot.

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