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Thread: 2month old crested gecko

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    Default 2month old crested gecko

    So i was at a Reptile Expo last Sunday and came home with a 2 month old crested gecko. At the moment he/she is in a 12x12x12 exo terra. When i came home i put him/her on the scale he is 4g. He seem to likee his enclosure because i can see him moving around. I feed tim rapashy but want to feed him roaches once aweek. I tryed on Friday there but he has no interest in them. I had him in a plastic container with the feeders running around. Should i just leave a little dish in his enclosure or keep putting him in the tub once aweek with the feeders?
    I dont have any lights attached yet and that would be my other question.
    Friends of mine have a few cresties and they use the Exo Terra Repti-Glo 2.0 Compact Fluorescent Full Spectrum light through out the day and then use a red light at night on a dimmer. I want to make sure if im able to use that or if it is a big no no.
    The temp in the enclosure daytime is 72f and night goes down to 66f and the humidity night is 84% and daytime goes down to 68%.
    As if right now i use paper towels at the bottom.
    I leave the rapashy in for 2 days then replace with fresh stuff.
    Any advice on how to make sure my little guy/girl is happy will be appreciate.

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    If you try roaches in the enclosure, put them in a small bowl with steep sides so they can't climb out, and one that your crestie can't knock over. Otherwise they'll hide under the paper towels. I've been trying roaches too, and neither of my geckos has shown any interest in them either. I had hoped they would, as the roaches are pretty easy to keep for a while.

    As for lights, I think I have read that they can see red light, so that might not be the best to use at night. Use a blue light, either blue night bulb or LEDs. I do use a UVB100 light for several hours during the day, as my geckos are in a rather dark corner and don't get much natural lighting. Use of the UVB is up to you; some say it is not necessary, but I choose to use it for the reason given.
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