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Thread: Crestie not growing

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    Default Crestie not growing

    Hi guys, my girlfriend has a crested gecko that is about ~8 months old. The problem is that he has not seemed to grow much at all. He weighs in at 2.6 grams currently. He has actually lost weight from his July weight of 3.4 grams. We feed him banana strawberry Pangea with insects 2-3 times a week. He is a good eater and is still very active. We are considering taking him to the vet to check for internal parasites. We have debated whether he is perhaps just a runt or slow grower or has something like dwarfism but it seems very odd that he would still be so small 8 months in and have lost weight.

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    If he is loosing weight he needs to go to the vet, especially if he is eating. That is like a 100% sign of parasites or another illness.


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