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Thread: Crestie Constipation - No More!

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    Default Crestie Constipation - No More!

    So last week Sunday (3/4) I went to my local reptile store and thought “hey I haven’t fed my new baby any bugs yet so let’s try something”. I’ve had my baby crestie for around a month and she’s just about 4 grams. I made the dumb decision of getting Superworms to feed her. So I didn’t want to feed her a whole one because they’re HUGE! So I cut it in half and fed her the bottom half and she ate it right up! Success! I thought. Then she ate two more halves and I was like “this is the best day ever” long story short though, it wasn’t. So a couple of days after I noticed she wasn’t pooping. I thought it was weird because she pretty much pooped every day before that. More days go by and she’s not pooping. I start getting worried and look up how to fix a constipated gecko and I read a whole lot of articles saying The worms can cause impaction so I said “Great she’s a goner” now I still had hope she was constipated so yesterday I filled up a warm sauna for her and let her chill in it for around 15 minutes, no poop. Another night goes by and she doesn’t poop. I’m getting worried now but I still have hope. I gave her another sauna today and she didn’t poop. I was sure she was impacted but then as I was reading another article. I stood up to check on her and BAM! Fresh poop at the bottom of her cage! A couple minutes pass and she poops again. I’m so glad that she was able to pass them and I’m NEVER feeding her those worms again. I’m switching to softer bodied insects like crickets or Dubias. So, if you can take any advice from me. It’s to not feed your geckos mealworms.

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    Sometimes it's "live and learn", so thanks for sharing. We can all learn from stories, good and bad. So glad yours had a happy ending!
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