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Thread: Crested Gecko Respiratory infection

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    Default Crested Gecko Respiratory infection

    Hey guys. I was wondering if any of you know anything about respiratory infections in crested geckos. Iíve had my crestie for around 7 months and heís never been a big eater. Iíve always had to hand feed him. I noticed a few months ago that he made some clicking noises when I fed him and I read that that was a sign of an RI. I think he may have gotten it at the end of summer when it got really humid in his cage and it never really dried out. I am planning on making a vet visit but I just wanted to see if any of you know what the vet will do to help treat this. Will he get better if the vet gives him some sort of medicine?

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    I believe they usually give antibiotics, and if caught early enough he should recover well. I would definitely consult a vet.

    Side note - I would gradually discontinue the hand-feeding. They become dependent on that, and won't eat on their own, which makes it very difficult if you are gone for any period of time and have to rely on someone else to feed him. He won't starve himself if there is food available. You might try using two ledges, one high and one low.
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    Your vet will probably put your gecko on Baytril or another reptile antibiotic.
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