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Thread: Strange Mark on Gecko

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    Default Strange Mark on Gecko

    I don't often see my Crestie as he is an expert hider and doesn't like being handled.

    Last time I saw him was Thursday when I cleaned him out. Then, today he was in a plant at the front and I saw him again.

    Between the two days, a red mark has appeared on his face near his mouth surrounded by small white lumps. Any ideas? Willing to take him to the vets but thought I'd check it wasn't anything obviously/simple first.

    Pics aren't great but best I could get for now.

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    I haven't seen anything like this, either in person or online. Might be an infection. Vet visit probably in order. Only on one side?
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    Yeah only on one side.

    I was thinking infection too 😕 Just wanted to check it wasn't anything anybody had seen before.

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    My cresties has something that might be similar but itís on both sides. Heís had them since I got him and since heís my first and not the highest quality I thought it was normal, for him anyway. I thought he must have some raised scales like the ports there. Maybe not. Iím not sure if the marks are the exact same though.
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    Thanks. That's what Gordon's used to look like but now they have a red blob in the middle. He's been to see a vet who also suspects infection so I have some cream to put on him. Not the easiest job on a jumpy, wriggly Gecko but hopefully will solve the problem


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