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Thread: Im really worried, someone help please!

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    Exclamation Im really worried, someone help please!

    Hi all,

    I got my first crested gecko (Ned) about 6 weeks ago now. He (I don't actually know the gender yet) is about 6 months old now and has grown from about 5 grams to about 6 grams. At first he wasn't eating but after a week or so he started to eat a small amount of the repashy CGD.

    I have still only found 2 poops until this week, but because of the substrate he is on it might just be that I cant see them. For the last week and a half I have been feeding him a dusted cricket every day or other day which he seems to love!

    The other day when I had him out he did a small poo on me but it was only urates. This morning I came down to check on him and saw a gooey pellet almost the size of his head on the inside of the glass. I picked it out and it was a pale grey, squishy pellet with bits of undigested cricket in it.

    I'm quite concerned because this poo was literally the size of his head and really weird and he really hasn't gained much weight compared to others I've read about.
    Has anyone seen this before or know what it could be or if I need to be worried?

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    What substrate is he on? Paper towels are recommended for ease of monitoring poops and for impaction until they are bigger (I think Iíve seen 15-20g on this forum).

    Also, many experienced owners recommend only feeding insects once or twice a week so that CGD is their main food.

    I also bring a sample in for a fecal test for my new animals even if they look normal.

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    What a great name ! Crickets are full of fats, are good for use in weight gain, and are a great TREAT for crested geckos. But I wouldnt feed them to him every day. In the wild they only eat insects when the opportunity presents itself. So I would feed twice a week at most. I only dust them with calcium during one of those feedings for too much calcium isnt good either. Most foods for them have calcium in there anyways. Also I think he regurgitated the grey pellet you mentioned. It sounds to me like he over ate, because crickets are a big meal for a small gecko. + make sure the crickets arent to big! I always recommend taking them to a vet but if that is not an option continue monitoring and do not feed crickets for at least 3 or 4 days.

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    I would agree, for one so small, use paper towel for substrate until he is about 15-20 grams. Fewer crickets, and only less than the size of the space between his eyes.

    Hopefully your new little guy will be just fine! If his poops are still abnormal, a visit visit or fecal sample to the vet might be in order.
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