I got my first crested gecko about 6 weeks ago now. At first I was concerned because he didn't seem to be eating or pooping. After a week or so he started to eat his repast and I found a small poop!
Since then I have only found one other poo.
For the last 2 weeks I have been feeding him crickets every other day as well as the repashy. A couple of days ago he pooped on me but only urates.
This morning I went in to him and saw what looked like a slug on the glass! It was almost the size of his head! I picked it out and it was pale and slimy with lots of undigested bits of crickets in it.
I'm a bit concerned because he has gained less than a gram since I got him. He's about 6 months and weight about 6 grams.
He seems to be behaving normally but I'm a bit concerned about this pooping situation!
Has anyone seen this or know what it might be?