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Thread: I would like to know how to heat/light a very large (planted)enclosure (37"x17"x17")

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    Default I would like to know how to heat/light a very large (planted)enclosure (37"x17"x17")

    I think I've picked up enough info about lighting the small enclosure for while they are babies, but here's the thing: I have a new and very large vivarium that I purchased thanks to a craigslist deal. It's a large planted tank, already all set up with drainage and everything (though the clay balls shifted around somewhat during the drive back- let me know if I need to take everything out and rearrange those while you answer my original question if you don't mind). But I'm not really sure what to do about keeping it alive. I've been thrust into the dark ages on this. I probably won't be able to put my planned gecko purchases into it for several months but I want to be ultra prepared. How do I keep this enclosure heated enough for my gecko, with enough UVB to keep the plants alive without burning the geckos or stressing them out? Do I need to buy a temperature gauged lighting system? Do these exist? If so, have any brand recommendations? I'll take any answers anyone cares to give, bonus points for links to some products that could help me out.

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    If you have a crested gecko, they don't need heat or UVB.
    Plants also don't need UVB -- they need lots of light in the blue and red wavelengths.
    NEHerp has a great resource on viv lighting, but keep in mind that their plant info is aimed at maintaining wetter vivs than New Caledonian herps require.
    3.3.0 Correlophus ciliatus (crested geckos)

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    Second what Treebiscuit said. As for heating, I think you’ll have to go with a space heater to keep such a large enclosure evenly heated.

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