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Thread: 4 month old crested gecko losing weight

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    Default 4 month old crested gecko losing weight

    so im getting a bit concerned about my crested gecko. over the past 2 weeks he has been losing weight (i weigh him every friday). on the 13th he weighed 9.26g, a week later it had dropped to 9.18g and now its dropped to 8.38g

    he still eats and goes to the toilet and i hear him jumping around his tank a night. hes my first crested gecko and ive invested alot in him. i dont want to lose him.

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    I wouldn't worry about that little of a drop. It might have had to poop when you weighed it before.

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    I wouldn't worry yet. He may have needed to poo, or that could be the common scale fluctuation. I like to weigh mine several times and use the lowest number. If he continues to lose weight, I would take him to the vet.
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