Hi there! I'm new to this forum so let me know if this isn't the best place to post this.

A few months ago, I got a pair of emerald swift lizards. Unfortunately, there is very little care info available out there on them. I've found like 4 care sheets but they all have conflicting information. Using that and research on the cloud forests where they live, I've got them in what I believe to be a suitable setup, but I'll be upgrading them to something larger and taller when I move in a month, and I'm curious to see if anyone knows about these cute little guys or has any experience with them? I have a male/female pair and I'd like to breed them and start a small colony but I know they don't breed too readily in captivity so if anyone has advice on that I'd love to hear it.

Here are a couple pictures of mine just because. I think they're super cool looking little lizards.

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My female (I don't ever handle them, this was the day I got her and I was able to snap this quickly before transferring her into her viv.)
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My male under their UVB strip
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They're in love.

Thanks for reading!