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Thread: Crestie never fires down?

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    Question Crestie never fires down?

    Hello, ive had my crestie for about 3 weeks now and she was a nice yellow color for the first week but now shes a very very dark brown. I think shes just constantly fired up? Could this affect her health if she doesnt fire down?

    Tank size - 18x18x24
    Substrate - eco earth
    Hides - 1 cork log, 1 coconut hut with moss
    Climbing toys - 2 large branches, 1 vine, 6 hanging plants, 1 foam backboard
    Food - insect and watermelon pangea
    Water access - Water is in a dish on her food ledge and shes misted 2 times a day
    Humidity - 60-90%
    Temp - 70-81 degrees F

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    Maybe the yellow is her fired up color; she would have been more stressed the first week and is now feeling more comfortable, so dark brown might be her normal color.
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    It seems to me like yellow is her color when fired up. Usually when they are in a new vivarium they are a little bit stressed.


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