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Thread: Housing a single crested gecko in a 40 gallon tank?

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    Default Housing a single crested gecko in a 40 gallon tank?

    I recently bought a 40 gallon tank which will eventually be housing my juvenile ball python when she gets a bit bigger. In the mean time I was interested in purchasing a gecko. My question is, will an unnecessarily large tank stress out a gecko as it does with a ball python? And secondly do cresties need to be housed in pairs due to a need for social interaction or can a solitary gecko be kept happily?

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    Gecko's are solitary creatures, so alone is best.

    if it's heavily planted (with fake or real plants) and plenty of climbing surfaces and hiding spots, I'd add a feeding station on each end of the tank, then it shouldn't be too bad for an ADULT gecko. I would not put a baby or juvenile gecko in a 40g, that's just too big for em.

    My question is what will you do with the gecko once your python reaches size? Will you be able to provide it with a new tank?
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    I agree.

    What are your plans with the gecko once you're ready for the bp to go into the tank? If you will have another tank ready for him to go into, you'll still have an empty tank sitting around waiting for the gecko.

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