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    Question 2nd hand gecko

    A few days ago I got a gecko who is seven years old and had different owners before me.
    He seems pretty happy and healthy, but I did research on keeping a Leopard gecko and was alarmed to find that the sand in his enclosure could possibly kill him. My immediate thought was to get the sand out of there and put tile in its place, but I'm worried about changing up his lifestyle after seven years. Would it be better to leave him in this possibly unsafe condition or have him adjust to a new environment? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    How about putting a few loose tiles on one end of his enclosure on top of the sand (with some hides on it as well), and see how he reacts to it? If he walks on it and it doesn't seem to bother him, then slowly replace all of the sand with tiles a little at a time.
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    Yea i'd say that's your best bet. I would personally get it off the sand, from the research i've seen on them, but interesting it hasn't got impacted before. How is having a leopard gecko? i've never experienced one in person for long

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