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Thread: Gargoyle Gecko not eating after 3 weeks

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    Default Gargoyle Gecko not eating after 3 weeks

    Hello, I am new to owning a reptile and after doing my research I got a Gargoyle Gecko. I purchased from Firestorm Geckos at a reptile show near me. I have now had him for three weeks and he has not eaten at all. I keep the temps at the mid to high seventies and the humidity never goes below 50. He is in a 40b turned vertically with 2 food dishes. and a good amount of cover. I am using the Pangea fruit mix CGD. I know that he has not eaten because when I took him to a vet (wanted to make sure everything was fine) he was 1.5 oz (three days after I got him), 1.4 oz three days ago, and now he is 1.2 oz. I don't know if that is 100% accurate as the scale I am using is a 20 dollar food scale, however, it still worries me as I have not found any poop in his cage even after cleaning it. I have also offered him wax worms and crickets, however, he didn't eat any of them. I wanted to know if you had any recommendations as although Firestorm Geckos is being helpful by answering my question on what I should do; I want to see if anyone else had had any similar experiences with this problem and what they did to fix it. (Side note: he is a full grown adult as that was all that I could get in my area.) Thanks in advance.

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    It sounds like you are doing everything right. You might try putting a little dab of CGD on his nose (not covering the nostrils), and he might lick that off and decide he likes it, especially if he is getting hungry.

    What kind of substrate is he on? Might he have become impacted? You could try a warm sauna and see if that would help him poop. Another possibility might be parasites, but that would require either a poop sample, or an actual vet visit.

    Sometimes they can go up to a month without eating, although that's pretty rare, I think. 2-3 weeks is not uncommon. I hope he'll come around for you soon.
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    My gargoyle will often go a while without eating. Make sure your temps are correct, and humidity is correct. Often if it's cold they'll slow way down on eating, I adjusted my heat, and my guy gained 4 grams in two months. I've heard you can use honey to sweeten their food a little.

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    Try a different flavor of pangea of you only have one kind. Many geckos seem to prefer one flavor over another and can become bored and not eat as much if they are always offered the same flavor every day.


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